EU to force airlines to show real prices
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 11:20

A move that will be welcomed by everyone who has ever seen a 1c or 1p fare advertised only to find that the true price when all the taxes and charges are added on is ₤99 or €125. There are few things that are as misleading as airfares when it comes to prices that are advertised and prices that you actually end up paying.

Now the EU needs to tackle the much more difficult issues of unfair terms and conditions that airlines impose on their customers. When you book a cheap flight you have to agree to the airlines terms and conditions. You don't have any choice about this. You have to give up a lot of rights.

For example, if you want a refund then you will find that there is an administration charge that is more than the cost of the flight plus all the other charges. This is clearly an unfair condition but you can't challenge it or not accept it if you want to travel.

Some of the budget airlines are unfair in the way that they close their check-in facility a long way in advance of the flight. Turn up a minute later and you will not be able to travel or you will have to book another ticket for which you will pay a totally unreasonable price.

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