Immigration truth dawns on politician
Friday, 01 July 2011 07:37

Immigrants steal jobs from British youth - isn't that obvious?

Finally someone in government has realised what anyone in the street could have told them, or what their own eyes would tell them if only they looked around.

Our politicians live in a vacuum, not for them the places that the rest of the population visits where you are lucky to find a hotel receptionist that speaks good English, or a barman (or barwoman - see what political correctness has done to us!) who speaks English as their first language. On a recent visit to London I was incredulous at the number of foreigners, all the bus drivers, tube operatives, hotel staff, bar and restaurant staff - where were the young Brits who should be doing those jobs I asked myself?

Sadly the answer is that they are on benefits and most likely sat in front of TVs or idling their time away while immigrants do the work. This should never have happened, we can blame Labour for giving benefits to school leavers and successive governments for not grasping the nettle and reverting to the old fashioned idea that you can't draw anything out of the benefits system until you have a minimum of two years contributions paid in. That it's not the state's function to pay for children and that parents should pay their way. Only then will our young people get jobs.

Full story (from the Telegraph)

Full story (from the Daily Mail)

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