How much has this 'favourable announcemnt cost'
Monday, 16 November 2009 08:58

Regular readers will no doubt say 'is there no end to this cynicism'.

Today the government announced that the first of a batch of new helicopters had arrived in Afghanistan and would soon be followed by others etc etc.

Listening carefully to the limited announcement here is a distillation of pertinent facts:

  1. The first helicopter has arrived and it is part of just six.
  2. It has cost £45 million to equip these 6 helicopters to fly in the hot/dry conditions of Afghanistan.
  3. This first helicopter, and the others will arrive in pieces and it takes several WEEKS to re-assemble each one and make it ready for use.
  4. It will take until the end of the year for all to reach Afghanistan.

Here we have a perfect example of 'favourable announcement syndrome' whereby something that has already been announced is re-announced with lots of publicity to try to get extra benefit for the government. £45 million seems an awful lot of money just to change these aircraft, so how much is the total bill?

A cynical attempt to shaw up support for a failed government policy and make the public think things will get better.

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