Smokers paid to quit and more luncay
Saturday, 21 June 2008 09:02

The BBC leads with an article that says . . .

'Smokers in the poorest areas of Dundee are being offered £150 worth of groceries by the health service if they are able to give up cigarettes.

Participants in a 12-week scheme will be given £12.50 a week by NHS Tayside if a carbon monoxide breath test proves they have not been smoking.'

Am I missing something is it a statement of the obvious to say that quitting smoking would already pay. Put another way, the  £12.50 payment is equivalent to about 40 cigarettes. Someone on 20 a day would be nearly three times better off quitting, but perhaps they can't see that. I can already see deals being done with the electronic card.

Drivers would be better off not driving, drinkers would be better off not drinking . . . the list is endless. What will the do-gooders come up with next?



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