Prince Charles doesn't need justification for his Genetically Modified Crops stance
Sunday, 17 August 2008 09:26

Environment Minister Phil Woolas thinks and says that Prince Charles should prove his assertions that GM crops are a possible environmental disaster. Phil Woolas should look to the record of politicians in general and realise that they never prove anything, all politicians mutter is their views without ever proving anything.

It's an example of Chard's Law which states that the more important a decision is, the less justification is needed for it.

Take for example an office worker wanting to spend a few pounds at work for some equipment or stationery that would make their job easier. They will have to go through supervisors and managers and justify the spending.

Now consider the decision to take the UK into a war in Iraq or Afghanistan, we're in there on the prime minister's whim, no forms to fill in, no budget constraints.

Like the law says, the more important the decision the less justification, and where politicians are making those decisions it's just down to what they think.

So Phil Woolas needs to sort out his own house and prove that GM crops are no threat or danger before attacking someone who will be remembered throughout history when the likes of him have been long forgotten.

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