Vehicle Excise Duty - VED
Wednesday, 04 June 2008 17:24

CO2 saving from shake up of VED (car tax) less that 2 hours production

At Prime Minister's Questions today (4 June 2008) Gordon Brown said

'the shake up of vehicle excise duty would save 1.3m tonnes of CO2'

proof that the lunatics are running the asylum if we needed it.

In 2007 the UK produced 5800 m tonnes of CO2, which means he's talking about a reduction of less than one quarter of one percent, put it another way, that's less than 2 hours production.

The man must be crazy to inflict so much extra stealth taxation and misery on the people of the UK - over a billion pounds in the next two years.

I was so shocked I checked the figures twice - they are correct.

It's a tax grab dressed up as 'green tax' nothing more.

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