Today 10p tax and car tax, tomorrow pensions
Friday, 11 July 2008 11:10

"The majority of drivers will benefit"

That's what Gordon Brown said about the changes to car tax (VED), but he did not tell the truth, because just like the 10p tax rate fiasco he misled the House of Commons and the country.

The fallout from the 10p tax disaster is massive, the poorest people are still losing out yet the middle-income earners will be better off. This is Gordon Brown bleeding the lowers income families to help the better off. No longer can labour say that they are the party that helps the most needy in our society.

Looking forward what do we see?

There is a bigger revolt coming. The hike in the pensions age.

Things are already in motion, the laws have been passed and the systems are being put in place. The pension age is going up to 68.

Let me repeat that - the pension age is going up to 68.

That is for men and women - wake up 50% of the population, if you are female then you are going to work another 8 years before you get your pension. If there is all the fuss and commons revolt that there has been over the 10p tax abolition and the car tax increases what will happen when the pension age rises?

One thing you can be sure of - Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and Tony Bliar will not be there to pick up the pieces, the revolt will come, but they will all be living the cushy life on their amazing book deals and lecture tours while the women of Britain will still be slaving away. 

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