Why didn't I go south as usual?

Oh diary, what got into my head, why did I not go south as usual? The weather in these remote northern parts of the UK doesn't really suit me. Well I suppose there has to be some way that those lakes get filled up. Scotland too - I was glad to get away and make the high life in London, lots warmer, fawning minions to do my bidding, why would one ever want to go north of Watford?

Starting to ramble on a bit, better try to concentrate, now where was I?

I hear dear Harriet has let her feminist fantasies get the better of her. Better make a note to issue a press statement saying I have full confidence in her abilities, that should get speculation going about whether or not she's going to keep her job. Should give the press something to keep them occupied for a while, they like red meat to get their teeth into.

Then there's Mandlebroth, what to do about him? For the time being he can continue to look good, but I must arrange a suitable downfall at the appropriate time. After all the man's had the bin bag before so it should not come as a big surprise.

Now, what are we going to do today, weather dreadful, rain pouring down, kids screaming, wife sipping coffee . . .


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