Lake district here we come

Late July; holidays approaching; let's hope it's better than the last couple of years, what with young whippersnappers writing articles and animals getting ill, in-fighting about who does what while I'm away it's best not to go too far.

Can't have people thinking I'm wasting fuel or doing anything un-green and there's no point going to the coast. Those incompetents forecast a barbeque summer and look what we got!

What are we going to do in the lakes? Those lakes are kept full by raid, I've heard there's plenty of it in that part of the country. Maybe we'll go further north, beyond the border into God's own country. Better not stay too long though, people might expect me to do things and that would never do. Scotland's fine, it keep sending people to Westminster - don't know how I could fill ministerial posts without them.

I wonder what people wear in the lake district? - better tell one of the go-fors to get some appropriate togs sorted out, don't want to be thought a towny. Must make sure we get somewhere near a top-class eatery with good shopping for Sarah and the kids, what are their names - Oh yes, here's my diary, I remember, now where was I . . . .

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