Tesco Metro 'Pop in and pay more'
Monday, 15 February 2010 11:10

It's surprising to learn that Tesco Express charges more for some products than other Tesco stores. You might think that buying from Tesco you would pay the same price in all their stores, but that's not the case in Ireland.

Take for instance Tesco Greek Style Yoghurt, this comes in a 500 grams pot and costs €1.25 at Tesco Wilton but go to Tesco Express which is about 1 km away and for the identical product you will pay 50% more, an incredible €1.85.

How Tesco can justify charging 50% more for the same product beggars belief.

The sign on the front of Tesco Express needs re-wording, instead of 'Pop in and pay less' it should read 'Pop in and pay more'.

tesco express pop in and pay more

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