Essentail Property Services Ltd, Cork
Thursday, 29 January 2009 20:40

The company, Essential Property Services Ltd of Cork is a building services company. They manage an apartment block in Cork that was built recently.

In the past both water and electricity have been unavailable for varying lengths of time without warning. To be fair to the company this has usually been caused by factors outside their control. Unscheduled disconnection of electricity or water is most inconvenient especially as it means there is no water to flush toilets, wash-up or run any appliances. If you are taking a shower it really is a disaster to find yourself covered in soap when the water goes off.

What irritates some residents is not being kept sufficiently informed about problems and more importantly, what is being done to rectify them. Some residents would like a noticeboard in the hall or above the mailboxes on which details of work-in-progress or emergency work could be posted. A representative of Essentail Property Services Ltd said this was not possible for a number of reasons, and that Essential Property Services Ltd maintains a list of mobile telephone and other contact details for each building, and does issue updates as work progresses.

In January 2009, residents received a note telling them that the water would be turned off . . . reproduced below.

To all residents

As some on you are aware, over the past few weeks there have been some leaks in the underground car parm from the main water shut-off valves to each apartments. (sic)

In order to have any faults repaired - and the system checked in its entirety (sic) - the builders will be conducting a complete health check on Tuesday, 27th (tomorrow). This will require the water supply to be turned off between 9a.m. and 5p.m.. (sic) We would therefore ask that arrange your schedule accordingly. (sic)

Some works may also have to be carried out on Wednesday also.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

No problems there, the water will be off Tuesday, and the work could spill over into Wednesday.

What actually happened is that the water was turned off without warning on Thursday morning, just after the writer had soaped himself copiously in the shower. This is not a considerate way to treat residents, after all it is they who pay the management charges whether directly or through their rents! It would have taken very little effort for the person who was carrying out the work to scribble a note and put it on a noticeboard or tape it on the main door to each block, especially as they knew the work was delayed.

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