BBC biased over climate change
Friday, 18 December 2009 15:36

The BBC has a definite bias when it comes to reporting climate change and the arguments that are raging. The BBC takes the view that climate change is a fact. The words used demonstrate this.

Take for instance the BBC's wording in this case

bbc bias over climate change

This is a perfect example, "Who's to blame for warming?"

This does more than ask a question. It assumes that warming is taking place and it assumes that someone is to blame for it. Warming may be happening but there is no proven link to any country or individual.

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The article asksĀ  . . . 'Which countries are most responsible for causing human-induced climate change?'

Again is that assumption being forced upon the reader, the assumprtion that climate change is human-induced, and that countries can be more responsible for it than other countries. This is bias of the worst kind because it's being shown by an organisation that is change of bringing us the news.

All that can be said with any certainty is that natural climate change is occurring, similar periods of warming and cooling have taken place before. Long before humans started multiplying themselves the UK was covered in ice and you could walk to France or Ireland. No-one is talking about that and it was seconds ago in geological time.

How the BBC should be reporting is to give us the facts, such as an analysis of the population of each country over the past 100 years and their use of certain fuels or other measures. We don't need to be told what to think.

It would not be surprising to find that the BBC is instructed by the government about how it is to present the news. This can be done very easily with a nod and a wink. Even more subtle means can be used, such as appointing left-leaning people to the BBC.

When you hear the news or read the BBC website always question the spin that is being put on the news and ask yourself whether or not you actually believe what you are being told. Question everything! Most of the time we are fed a diet of what the government wants us to hear and that's rarely the truth.

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