History repeats itself
Friday, 18 December 2009 09:06

Tony Blair was bowled over by George Bush and took us to war, a war that has cost us billions and is still costing us the lives of our young men.

Brown is now getting the same treatment and being taken in the US over climate change. In the latest round he's promised another 6 billion pounds of OUR money to try to get a deal from developing or poor countries. Brown and his cronies just love being seen with Hilary Clinton and Obama, it's just one of the things that gives them a real buzz.

This is a total waste of money.

Nothing will come of it, except misery in the UK as we are taxed even more.

If Brown wants to do something positive he should be shouting that overpopulation is the problem and that is where the effort should go. Less people means more for everyone.

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