Lord Stern is part of the problem
Friday, 18 December 2009 08:47

Lord Stern runs around excitedly like a schoolboy who has just discovered girls, or a teenager in a dream after his first casual close encounter.

He's full of 'zero carbon' and shouting from the rooftops, when will he get some common sense?

The problem is that people are taken in by his interpretation of the science which we now know is biased, massaged, only the convenient results used - call it what you like. The facts are simple. Politicians have been duped into believing something they WANT to believe.


Politicians are in the power business. Power over our lives. Nothing satisfies leftish politicains more than big government, control and telling us what to do. During 12 years of labour rule the public sector has ballooned by 20%. All those are on gold-plated salaries and pensions. It's almost impossible to sack them or make them redundant. WE pay them, yet THEY snoop on us, and try to control our every movement.

So what makes politicians tick - power! They use that power to try to keep us in a state of fear, and they are very good at it in certain areas. They then present themselves as the only people who can save us, and of course that means more and more invasion into our lives so that we can be kept safe.

Climate change is just another scare story, and it's being sold by Lord Stern and his ilk. The result will be massive taxation, distortion of our economy and wheelbarrow loads of money wasted by so-called poor countries who are only too willing to go along with anything that results in them getting a handout.

It's like the sign on the bosses desk - 'Have you come with a solution, or are you part of the problem?' The people in Copenhagen representing the UK are part of the problem and they will give away our future for nothing in return. Climate change will happen whether we do anything or not. Just remember that 15 thousand years ago the UK was covered by ice miles thick - natural forces and warming melted it and those same forces are still working today.

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