Ryanair cuts Standstead flights

Tuesday, 21 July 2009 12:56

For once Listen to the People dot com agrees with Micheal O'Leary who said . . .

"Ryanair's 40% capacity cutback at London Stansted shows just how much Gordon Brown's £10 tourist tax and the BAA monopoly's high airport charges are damaging London and UK tourism and the British economy generally"

BAA would do well to recall that Ryanair deserted Blackpool airport because this small regional airport introduced a £10 per passenger 'airport development charge'. After intensive negotiations Blackpool Airport insisted on introducing the charge, so Ryanair stopped using the airport.

There are two major losers, Blackpool Airport - who will lose out because Ryanair is no longer using that airport, and every other passenger who flies through Blackpool because they are getting charged £10 and getting nothing in return.

Every time we take a short flight Gordon Brown's government rips up off to the tune of £10 in 'passenger tax' and that's going up to £11 in November.

In addition they rip us of with security charges and pile on the airport charges. As we have said on many occasions BAA should be broken up immediately and slots at airports should not be owned by airlines.



Ryanair set to fine passengers

Wednesday, 21 January 2009 09:11

Ryanair is not well known for obliging customer service. On the contrary you are most likely to hear people talking about their bad experiences, and in particular the check-in being closed precisely on time and what many would consider too long before the flight anyway.

Now Ryanair proposes to fine passengers who dare to try and carry more than one carry-on bag.

This is unreasonable.

Why people fly Ryanair is beyond me, despite having the opportunity to travel with Ryanair on many occasions I have always decided that paying a little more is worth it. So far I have never travelled with Ryanair, but my sister arrived a couple of minutes late for check-in and had to purchase another ticket at an inflated price just to get home.

The moral is, in these difficult economic times the customer, passenger, has the ultimate power. We can decide to keep our money in our pockets. We can have whatever we want in terms of service but the price is that we have to be willing NOT to use companies that provide bad service.

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