Manchester airport terminal 1 poor facilities
Monday, 04 May 2009 08:37

Terminal 1 at Manchester is well known for it's poor facilities, bad design, non-existent signage, small slow elevators - amongst many complaints. Here is what a recent international traveller had to say . . .

I am concerned about the lack of facilities for transfer passengers at Manchester International airport.

Recently I and a friend returned on an overnight flight from Orlando, needing to continue our journey to Spain later that day. Having arrived at around 7:30a.m. at Terminal 2, we walked the Skyway to Terminal 1 only to find that we could not check-in our bags for the next flight until 12noon.

We were then faced with trolleying around 4 suitcases for the intervening hours and of course could not access the Departure lounge. This meant a prolonged stay in Terminal 1 Arrivals, which is dismal and cold, due to the ever opening and closing of the doors and where there are only very basic ammenities.

Isn't it time that as an International Airport, having eliminated all landside facilities for travellers, the authorities made provision for an early check-in for people who have come in on overnight flights and need to move on, so that all the facilities found airside can be available?

It seems that the airport authorities want us to spend money airside, but do not make the facilities available to those very passengers who have time on their hands as they wait for their next flight. We would have dearly loved to sit quietly, eating an early breakfast, without having the 'ball and chain' of a luggage trolley and four suitcases, to keep an ever watchful eye on.

This being especially tedious after an overnight flight and no sleep!

Come on Manchester Airport and consider your passengers a little more!

[name and email supplied]

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