Manchester airport latest rip off
Tuesday, 21 April 2009 13:53

It seems that it's open season on airline passengers as Manchester airport has introduced a rip off £1 charge for plastic bags for security screening. These bags can be bought on the internet in relatively small quantities at around £11 to £12 a thousand, that's around a penny each. Not a bad profit really, buy for a penny and sell for a pound, just shows what you can do what you are responsible for enforcing petty rules and regulations and the traveling public has no choice. Better still if they complain you can make their life a misery.

This is a total rip off and amounts to nothing more than demanding money with menaces. Manchester airport management knows that passengers have to pass through security, otherwise they will not be able to travel, so they can pile on the profit with little chance of passengers complaining. If passengers do complain then the airport has the whip hand still because they can accuse passengers of being aggressive then delay them until they miss their flights.

Passengers needing to take medications etc don't have a choice but Manchester airport is ready, willing and able to impose more misery on passengers as it greedily shakes more money out of them at every possible opportunity.

If you have any choice AVOID Manchester airport, if you don't have a choice write and complain.

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