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Manchester airport terminal 1 poor facilities

Monday, 04 May 2009 08:37

Terminal 1 at Manchester is well known for it's poor facilities, bad design, non-existent signage, small slow elevators - amongst many complaints. Here is what a recent international traveller had to say . . .

I am concerned about the lack of facilities for transfer passengers at Manchester International airport.

Recently I and a friend returned on an overnight flight from Orlando, needing to continue our journey to Spain later that day. Having arrived at around 7:30a.m. at Terminal 2, we walked the Skyway to Terminal 1 only to find that we could not check-in our bags for the next flight until 12noon.

We were then faced with trolleying around 4 suitcases for the intervening hours and of course could not access the Departure lounge. This meant a prolonged stay in Terminal 1 Arrivals, which is dismal and cold, due to the ever opening and closing of the doors and where there are only very basic ammenities.

Isn't it time that as an International Airport, having eliminated all landside facilities for travellers, the authorities made provision for an early check-in for people who have come in on overnight flights and need to move on, so that all the facilities found airside can be available?

It seems that the airport authorities want us to spend money airside, but do not make the facilities available to those very passengers who have time on their hands as they wait for their next flight. We would have dearly loved to sit quietly, eating an early breakfast, without having the 'ball and chain' of a luggage trolley and four suitcases, to keep an ever watchful eye on.

This being especially tedious after an overnight flight and no sleep!

Come on Manchester Airport and consider your passengers a little more!

[name and email supplied]


Disabled abandoned on two occasions by Manchester airport

Sunday, 12 September 2010 09:32

Disabled person left abandoned by Manchester Airport staff on two occasions

The equality & human rights commission failed to get a response from Manchester Airport regarding this. [Manchester Airport 'loses' complaints - Editor]

I wonder if any others have had difficulties with disability assistance at Manchester Airport. We had booked assistance through our travel agent so we thought everything was in hand for our holiday.

However on the outward journey the wheelchair attendant failed to collect me and take me to the aircraft.

Our return journey was even worse they failed to provide an ambi lift when the plane landed and it took around forty minutes before we could get off the plane.

Then the wheelchair assistant who was supposed to take us through to the carousel for our luggage, got a message to collect another passenger and then abandoned me in a semi darkened room. I could not get out of the room as access was via swipe card, at this I burst in to tears.

After a while another airport worker found my wife and I and took us through for our baggage and on to our taxi.

The following day I made a complaint to Manchester airport and never got a response. After a month I contacted the equality & human rights commission and they helped me to draft a letter to send to Manchester airport but again a month on still no response.

In the end the equality & human rights commission took over for me but they too faced the same obstacles not getting responses.

The equality & human rights commission offered Manchester Airport mediation but this appears to have been declined, as they have not responded, the lady from the equality & human rights commission who took up my complaint has spoken with senior personnel at the airport who have said they will get back to her, but so often she has had to make several phone calls and leave voicemails before they have contacted her.

The end result is that to proceed any further I have had to issue a summons against Manchester Airport, otherwise I am out of time. So I have had to do this citing this as the reason.

This is a claim under Regulation 9 of The Civil Aviation (Access to Air Travel for Disabled Persons and Persons with Reduced Mobility) Regulations 2007 SI 2007/1895 in respect of a breach of Regulation (EC) 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air.

I would much rather have sat down and had mediation were everything could have been discussed, but I now have to endure a court case or Manchester Airport will have got away with treating me as a disabled person in a despicable manner.

RIH a 63year old Stroke Survivor

Editorial comment: In general airports do not treat passengers as customers. On the contrary, passengers are seen more like animals or walking wallets or purses that are to be relieved of money at every possible chance. The real customers that airports are concerned about are the proprietors of the shops and restaurants on the airport. These people pay real money whereas passengers cause problems - read some of the other stories on this site if you dispute that.



Why is Manchester airport charging for plastic bags at security ?

Thursday, 14 May 2009 13:32

When you book a flight you pay hefty charges that include taxes and airport security.

airport charges MAN Manchester

As you can see, the flight cost was £11.04 but then an additional charge of £24.95 was added to cover taxes and airport charges.

So why is Manchester airport ripping passengers off to the tune of £1 for a couple of plastic bags at security?

These bags can be bought for about £14 a thousand, which is 1.4p each, so for less than 3p worth of bags Manchester airport is charging the passenger £1.

That's a profit of over three thousand percent - no wonder it's know as rip-off Britain.

The traveling public has already paid a massive fee for airport security, they should not be paying more.


Manchester airport latest rip off

Tuesday, 21 April 2009 13:53

It seems that it's open season on airline passengers as Manchester airport has introduced a rip off £1 charge for plastic bags for security screening. These bags can be bought on the internet in relatively small quantities at around £11 to £12 a thousand, that's around a penny each. Not a bad profit really, buy for a penny and sell for a pound, just shows what you can do what you are responsible for enforcing petty rules and regulations and the traveling public has no choice. Better still if they complain you can make their life a misery.

This is a total rip off and amounts to nothing more than demanding money with menaces. Manchester airport management knows that passengers have to pass through security, otherwise they will not be able to travel, so they can pile on the profit with little chance of passengers complaining. If passengers do complain then the airport has the whip hand still because they can accuse passengers of being aggressive then delay them until they miss their flights.

Passengers needing to take medications etc don't have a choice but Manchester airport is ready, willing and able to impose more misery on passengers as it greedily shakes more money out of them at every possible opportunity.

If you have any choice AVOID Manchester airport, if you don't have a choice write and complain.