Can airport security staff assault passengers? - part - 6
Thursday, 28 May 2009 13:07

If you are following the saga of complaints against airport security staff at London Heathrow airport LHR this is part 6, a response from Heathrow. It fails to provide any real answers to questions. In the face of serious allegations a wall of silence is put up which suggests that Heathrow and other airports have something to hide.

Index list of the exchange

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Heathrow Airport
Passenger Communications Floor 1, Heathrow Point West 234 Bath Road
Middlesex UB3 5AP


15 May 2009

Feedback Reference Number: [number removed ]

Dear [name removed ]

Thank you for your letter dated 11 May, I am sorry that you feel we have not answered your questions.

In response to your specific points:

1. As with any human interaction, I accept that the possibility exists for individuals to feel they have had a negative experience. I am confident, however, that while you felt you were given an overly thorough body search, this procedure is in line with our security standards and was not intended to offend or harm you.

2. Our staff are subject to the same standards of behaviour that would be expected of any individual.

4. Our staff are employed in a professional capacity to ensure the safety and security of Heathrow airport, passengers and other staff. We are satisfied that our staff have been trained to perform body searches in line with Department for Transport standards.

5. We use a range of search techniques at Heathrow airport, which may involve the use of a hand held device.

6. Any act which affects the health or safety of any individual will be treated seriously by Heathrow airport. We expect our staff to be courteous and helpful toward our passengers at all times.

7. BAA security staff are required to carry out duties in line with the Department for Transport's regulations as part of the Aviation Security Act.

8. You can find more information on these regulations at

9. In addition to Department for Transport regulations, our staff carry out a number of tasks as required by BAA to ensure the safety and security of our airport. These tasks include preventing the entry of items into secure areas which we consider my pose a health or safety risk. The process for searching passengers at the airport, however, is monitored by the Department for Transport.

I understand you may wish to discuss your concems further with the Department for Transport. For your convenience, their contact details are:

Department for Transport Great Minster House
76 Marsham Street London
Fax: 02079449643

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Yours sincerely
[Name and signature removed]

read the letter to which BAA is responding

This response does not provide answers to the legitimate questions asked by the passenger. The BAA, operator of Heathrow airport, seems only to be concerned with fobbing off complaints without providing any information or service.

For reference a table of the questions asked and the responses received from BAA is available.

Full index of correspondence.

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