bmibaby quits Manchester Cork route
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 17:15

bmibaby press office confirmed today (16 February 2010) that bmibaby is quitting the Manchester - Cork route AND East Midlands airport  - Cork route. That means no more bmibaby flights to Cork at all.

Bad news in that there will only be one carrier flying Manchester Cork after 11 April 2010 and no more flights from East Midlands airport to Cork after 7 March. Lack of choice is always a bad thing, however when customers exercise their choice, and that's what they have been doing, then the company with poor service gets what it deserves.

The good news is that passengers can no longer be mistreated by ground staff and hassled over the size and weight of their carry-on bags. Neither will passengers be harangued to purchase scratch cards and sky shopping.

In recent months the level of service on the Manchester Cork bmibaby route has deteriorated considerabley. The rot really set in when bmibaby changed their schedules so that the Cork Manchester flight left Cork late in the evening which means that when passengers arrive at Manchester the last train to many destinations has already gone.

This website has published complaints about bmibaby and how difficult they make life when flying, and even more difficult if you want to complain. bmibaby only accepts complaints in writing, posted to its office address. When complaints are received they are usually ignored. When you treat your customers badly they vote with their feet and your business goes down the toilet.

It's sad to see bmibaby quit Cork airport, travel between Ireland and the UK will not be so easy and is likely to increase in cost, but customers have not been served well so bmibaby only has to look to itself for the reason that passengers have gone elsewhere.


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