bmibaby new website a mess
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 14:21

January 2010 and bmibaby is trumpeting its new website design, the bmibaby marketing email says . . . 'We've just launched our fantastic new website! There are loads of great features, . . .'

The new site looks and operates as though it was put together by a bunch of amateurs and operates at a speed that would disappoint a snail. Images appear over several seconds.

For reasons best know to themselves the designers of the new bmibaby website have changed the way that the from and to airports are selected, which means that the list is now to large to fit many screens. bmibaby has also changed the way outward and return dates are selected, adding confusion and extra un-necessary mouse clicks. You could be forgiven for thinking that bmibaby wants to make life difficult for prospective passengers.

If you do manage to enter flight details then click 'show flights' you are presented with a waiting screen

bmibaby wating for ever

When the new website was tested (Jan 5, 2010) this screen was visible for several minutes despite the submit button being clicked, and finally produced an error message . . .

bmibaby is this a joke website

'Invalid access to memory location' means there is something wrong at bmibaby. On another occasion a 'page not found' error was produced.

After 20 minutes the flight enquiry was abandoned, so much for the 'fantastic new website' - the old website worked, this one does not.

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