bmibaby finds another way to charge passengers
Tuesday, 07 July 2009 18:54

bmibaby, the low cost airline - with service and standards to match, has found a new and innovative way to rip off passengers.

As the UK government introduces APIS - Advance Passenger Information System bmibaby has cobbled together a badly-designed modification to its website to collect the information. If passengers cannot complete the details then bmibaby will charge them 5 pounds per flight segment for entering the information.

This is just one more example of a cheapskate organisation ripping off passengers while failing to provide proper facilites for those same passengers.

What bmibaby should be doing is updating their websites and booking systems so that the information can be stored along with customer details so that customers don't have to keep typing the same information every time they book. That would be a sensible solution. However, we're not dealing with rational being, rather rip-off merchants who see passengers as walking wallets and purses, to be opened and their contents extracted.

It's time that bmibaby started thinking about customers and providing at least a semblance of service without payment for everything they can think of.

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