Yet another way for bmibaby to charge passengers
Monday, 27 April 2009 18:38

How many ways are there to 'stealth charge' airline passengers?

Close on the heels of the 1 euro proposal to use the toilets on Ryanair comes bmibaby with their latest ruse - lowering the checked-in baggage allowance to 18kg!

bmibaby is the airline that loves to bump up the charges, yes, indeed. If you have a bmibaby credit card did you know that they now charge you £3.50 per flight for using your creidt card, even though it's their bmibaby credit card?

That was one of the major selling points of the card, that you didn't pay their rip off charge - well you can foget that.

Take my advice, avoid bmibaby and if you have their credit card, cut it up and send the pieces back to citi bank and tell them to close the account.

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