bmibaby credit card charge when booking
Monday, 20 April 2009 16:10 operates their own credit card, a MasterCard that is actually operated by citi bank.

bmibaby encourages you to sign up for their credit card - I signed up for one reason and one reason only - bnibaby said that they didn't charge a credit card handling fee when booking bmibaby flight if you used the credit card.

That was in late 2008. I booked my flights and saved the charge. In addition I got an email telling me that I had qualified for a 'free' flight.

Let's look at these so-called benefits in more detail. credit card handling charge

When I signed up for this credit card just a few months ago didn't charge a handling fee when I booked flights and paid with their credit card. Now it looks like they have changed their minds because my booking was charged £3.50 for a one-way flight.

Reading through the blurb at it looks like they are 'updated their polices' which is a polite way of saying that they have decided that we passengers are not being ripped off sufficiently because their booking conditions now say there is a £3.50 charge for each single flight, so a return gets charged £7.00.

This is a rip off. Those of us who took out the bmibaby credit card on the basis of no charges should get that deal honoured, or we should simply cut up the card and close the account. If we all do that they bmibaby will soon get the message.

bmibaby credit card 'free' flight

Well what a sucker I was in actually believing I might get a free flight!

It might be possible, but you'll have to bend over backwards and do a few more contortions, and you'll still have to pay all the taxes and charges, so what starts out looking promising starts to look more and more like a scam.

Read the terms and conditions properly and you find that 'tiny' fares are excluded - so you're unlikely to get what you want. I tried and couldn't find a single date when I could book the destination I wanted.

Take my advice, don't bother with credit card, there are better deals elsewhere.

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