bmibaby quits Manchester Cork route

Tuesday, 16 February 2010 17:15

bmibaby press office confirmed today (16 February 2010) that bmibaby is quitting the Manchester - Cork route AND East Midlands airport  - Cork route. That means no more bmibaby flights to Cork at all.

Bad news in that there will only be one carrier flying Manchester Cork after 11 April 2010 and no more flights from East Midlands airport to Cork after 7 March. Lack of choice is always a bad thing, however when customers exercise their choice, and that's what they have been doing, then the company with poor service gets what it deserves.

The good news is that passengers can no longer be mistreated by ground staff and hassled over the size and weight of their carry-on bags. Neither will passengers be harangued to purchase scratch cards and sky shopping.

In recent months the level of service on the Manchester Cork bmibaby route has deteriorated considerabley. The rot really set in when bmibaby changed their schedules so that the Cork Manchester flight left Cork late in the evening which means that when passengers arrive at Manchester the last train to many destinations has already gone.

This website has published complaints about bmibaby and how difficult they make life when flying, and even more difficult if you want to complain. bmibaby only accepts complaints in writing, posted to its office address. When complaints are received they are usually ignored. When you treat your customers badly they vote with their feet and your business goes down the toilet.

It's sad to see bmibaby quit Cork airport, travel between Ireland and the UK will not be so easy and is likely to increase in cost, but customers have not been served well so bmibaby only has to look to itself for the reason that passengers have gone elsewhere.



bmibaby new website a mess

Tuesday, 05 January 2010 14:21

January 2010 and bmibaby is trumpeting its new website design, the bmibaby marketing email says . . . 'We've just launched our fantastic new website! There are loads of great features, . . .'

The new site looks and operates as though it was put together by a bunch of amateurs and operates at a speed that would disappoint a snail. Images appear over several seconds.

For reasons best know to themselves the designers of the new bmibaby website have changed the way that the from and to airports are selected, which means that the list is now to large to fit many screens. bmibaby has also changed the way outward and return dates are selected, adding confusion and extra un-necessary mouse clicks. You could be forgiven for thinking that bmibaby wants to make life difficult for prospective passengers.

If you do manage to enter flight details then click 'show flights' you are presented with a waiting screen

bmibaby wating for ever

When the new website was tested (Jan 5, 2010) this screen was visible for several minutes despite the submit button being clicked, and finally produced an error message . . .

bmibaby is this a joke website

'Invalid access to memory location' means there is something wrong at bmibaby. On another occasion a 'page not found' error was produced.

After 20 minutes the flight enquiry was abandoned, so much for the 'fantastic new website' - the old website worked, this one does not.


bmibaby finds yet another way to charge passengers

Friday, 17 July 2009 14:52

Just when you thought it was safe to come out . . .

bmibaby has found yet another way to charge you, this time they are taking advantage of more government snooping and spying that comes in the form of APIS, nothing to do with bees, and not something that boys do behind the bike sheds!

Advance Passenger Information System - another idea dreamed up by the control freaks at Nu Labour to keeps tabs on the innocent general public. More information hoarded away in a secret database to be scanned and searched by the faceless beaurcrats whose inflated salaries and gold-plated pensions we all have to pay.

At some unspecified time the government is going to require airlines to supply passport numbers and lots of other details of passengers to the database before and UK or international flight.

What an opportunity for the likes of bmibaby! Not to miss any chance to extract and extra few quid from the travelling public bmibaby is now emailing passengers telling them that if they don't go to the bmibaby website and add this information to their bookings then they will be charged £5 per flight for entering the data.

In their usual helpful way bmibaby have made this as awkward as possible and don't provide any feedback that the information has in fact been entered so passengers are left in limbo not knowing whether or not they got it right.

bmibaby could never be accused of making their website easy to use.


bmibaby finds another way to charge passengers

Tuesday, 07 July 2009 18:54

bmibaby, the low cost airline - with service and standards to match, has found a new and innovative way to rip off passengers.

As the UK government introduces APIS - Advance Passenger Information System bmibaby has cobbled together a badly-designed modification to its website to collect the information. If passengers cannot complete the details then bmibaby will charge them 5 pounds per flight segment for entering the information.

This is just one more example of a cheapskate organisation ripping off passengers while failing to provide proper facilites for those same passengers.

What bmibaby should be doing is updating their websites and booking systems so that the information can be stored along with customer details so that customers don't have to keep typing the same information every time they book. That would be a sensible solution. However, we're not dealing with rational being, rather rip-off merchants who see passengers as walking wallets and purses, to be opened and their contents extracted.

It's time that bmibaby started thinking about customers and providing at least a semblance of service without payment for everything they can think of.


bmibaby Cardiff Edinburgh and more complaints

Wednesday, 29 April 2009 12:23

BMI BABY Travel: Cardiff to Edinburgh return, 24th - 26th April 2009...

Travel Details: Cardiff to Edinburgh Return (as a consequence of you cancelling the Glasgow route)

My history with you: I have been a frequent flyer using BMI since 1990, I have flown between Glasgow and East Midlands for 18 years usually 2 return trip per month, I moved to Cardiff in Sept 2008, I was happy to move there as a consequence of your flights, they allowed me to collect my children at weekends and fly home to Cardiff, all told I was booking 7 flights every second weekend.


You continually send me ‘spam' email on a virtually daily basis, however you failed to tell me that the Glasgow service out of Cardiff was being withdrawn, you've failed to inform me that you hand luggage allowance (size), had changed amid all the spam of sales junk!!


I write to complain about the above dates when myself and my partner were doing a return trip to Edinburgh, forcing us to book a hire car to travel an additional 120 plus miles. The stupidly early flight time you claim saves on costs, however the tick price did not reflect that (and it never does). On arrival our ‘online check-in' meant we went straight through security, on getting to the gate we discovered that despite travelling with you for all the years I have, you'd changed the bag size. I was left to stand and look stupid whilst your staff robbed me of £20, the worst being that they didn't take cash and than promptly read out my direct debit card details out over the phone - with 150 people listening, your staff even disclosed the 3 digit code on the back of the card, I am extremely worried about this procedure, I have informed my bank and I hope to avoid any fraud into my bank account, but you created the opportunity through your greed.

Perversely, as the flight filled with people, others had far larger bags and there was no sign of their bags being sent to the hold. During the flight I specifically ordered a ‘meal deal' your cabin crew totally dis-regarded my request and charge me the wrong price!!

On return, the bag check at the security desk was the traditional size, there was no further check by your staff, on boarding it was a complete shambles, 85% of the passengers were in 1/3 of the plane, all at the rear, the overhead lockers were all full owing to the cost of checking-in bags according to the crew and therefore our bags (we binned the oversize one that cost £75 (for fear of embarrassment and insecure DD Card details being announced to all the other passengers), and bought a new one for £34), the ineptitude of the seat booking process resulted in the cabin crew asking for ‘volunteers' to man the exits as a consequence of no-one sitting in the more expensive seats with a little more leg room. Because of the cost of checking-in traditionally, lots of people are now carrying more hand luggage, therefore our bags ended up being 8 rows in front of our seat, once again we're carrying the risk of strangers stealing our stuff owing to your rubbish pricing policies and stupid doggedness to extract every penny you can.

Just to add insult to injury, whilst perusing your ‘menu' which isn't really a menu, its more a flying tuck shop, I found spelling mistakes too - have you got any control??

I write to you as a professional management consult who specialises in finding my clients' the most customer focussed and business efficient processes, my clients receive in the order of 40% cost reduction in the cost to run their service, whilst enhancing the customer experience at the same time, in my opinion the service is tremendously poor, the staff appear incentivised to upset the customer to generate wealth and overall feeling is that as a customer I/we ought to be bloody grateful. Its just terrible and shouldn't be called ‘service'.


Online business with no online complaints service - why??

Have you an ombudsman? I wish to complain of this appalling service and duplicity of pricing.


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