Can airport security staff assault passengers?

Is it possible for security staff at airports to assault passengers?

This question needs to be answered urgently. Millions of passengers travel through airports each year and every one of them is subjected to security searches. Passengers who triggers a metal detector are 'body searched' or 'patted down' which means that a security person feels them.

How is the passenger to complain when they experience innapropriate pressure on parts of their body or fingers and other parts of the searcher being placed within their clothes?

This needs immediate clarification.

How many passengers are being assaulted will never be known. If you believe that you have been the victim of such an assault by airport security staff then you should complain immediately regardless of when and where this occurred. Only if people complain vociferously will anything be done about it.

Complain in writing to the airport and also to your own government, if you live in the UK that would be your MP.

If you about to travel by air then you should be aware of the possiblitly of being assaulted or touched inappropriately. If you trigger a metal detector you should tell the searcher that any contact that you consider inappropriate will result in a complaint. Don't be hassled.

Make sure that the searcher is wearing gloves and that these are fresh gloves that have not been in contact with any other person or their clothes so that you can be assured that there is less chance of an infection (communicable disease) being passed to you during the search.

Remember that you are innocent and have paid a fee for security, you deserve to be treated with respect and not as a criminal.

read one passenger's complaint and how the airport responded

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