Aer Lingus

The great 'taxes and charges rip off' by airlines

Thursday, 25 February 2010 16:34

What a rip off!

Taxes and charges on flights should be the same, so why are some airlines charging much more than others?

You would expect the taxes charges to be the same when you travel between the same airports on the same day, or is that naive?

Aer Lingus and bmibaby both fly between Cork in Ireland and Manchester in the UK, so why are their taxes and charges so different?

For a one-way flight between Cork and Manchester on the same day Aer Lingus charges: fare zero, taxes and charges 19.99 euros.

aer lingus cork manchester

Same flight on the same day with bmibaby (at a different time), fare exactly the same as Aer Lingus, zero, taxes and charges 12.49 euros.

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