Blackpool Airport Development Fee another rip off
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 14:06

Blackpool Airport has come up with yet another charge on passengers, their so-called 'Airport Development Fee' or ADF. Followers of air travel will know that this charge is the reason Ryanair no longer flies from Blackpool.

According to the Blackpool Airport website . . .

All adult passengers (16 years and over), departing from Blackpool International will be required to purchase a £10 ADF ticket.

All child passengers (15 years and under), departing from Blackpool International will require an ADF ticket but no fee will be charged.

Blackpool International reserves the right to refuse access to its facilities to passengers not in possession of a valid ADF ticket.

This means that in addition to the usual rip-off charges that are added to your ticket price you will have to pay £10 simply to pass through the airport, and that's £10 per person. If you don't buy a £10 ticket then you will not be allowed through security, which means if you want to fly from Blackpool you will have to fork out £10 on top of all the other taxes and charges that you have already paid.

Vote with your feet - fly from somewhere else or go by coach or train, Blackpool airport management should remember that Ryanair quit Blackpool airport the day before this charge was introduced, that meant 1.3 million passengers a year lost from Blackpool together with all the money they spent on food, drinks, taxis etc and generally brought into the Blackpool economy.


At the time of writing (15 February 2011) the Blackpool Airport Website has not been carefully checked, as the following screenshot shows

blackpool airport development fee

it looks like the page has not even been run through a spell checker that would have found the space missing between the words passenger and facilities.

Let's hope that the staff at Blackpool are better at other things than they are at website development.


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