References and links about airport screeners assaults on passengers
Saturday, 09 May 2009 09:03

Further reading on airport security

It is clear from a short internet search that passengers ARE being abused and assaulted both physically and sexually, being humiliated and subjected to retaliatory behaviour by airport security screeners. This seems to be particularly prevalent in the United States but Europe and the UK are not immune.

In their attempt to ensure that air travel 'risk free' governments have created a monster in the form of airport security screening staff and procedures. The screening staff are protected by draconian laws, rules and regulations to which the public has no access. These staff are accountable to no-one and it appears that they operate as a tight group on individuals who support each other in victimising and humiliating any passenger that dares to question their motives, authority of procedures.

The passenger's best course of action is :

  1. Avoid travel to or through the United States. This advice is given because the screening staff in the US have far too much power and it appears that abuses in that country are greater than elsewhere,  particularly abuses of women although men also complain of abuse.
  2. Before passing through an airport metal detector make sure that you have deposited ALL metal objects into the plastic tray that is going through the x-ray machine.
  3. Wear clothes that don't have metal zippers.
  4. If you are body searched insist on clean goves BEFORE you are touched so that there can be no direct contact between the skin on the searcher and you.
  5. If you think you have been the victim of innappropriate touching or are unhappy complain immediately and ask for a complaint form.
  6. Write to your elected representative(s) and complain.


An excellent weblog post about passenger victimisation by airport staff, but more interesting are the comments detailing relationships between BAA staff and others

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Heathrow head of security Donna Boote started out as store detective in the Heathrow duty free shop and rose to head of security - in this Daily Mail article you can read 'Since 2006, Ms Boote has lived with Heathrow managing director Mr Bullock at his newly-built £1.2million home in Ascot, Berkshire. Well worth the time spent reading this gives some background information.

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In this thread a passenger describes how he was assaulted by airport screening staff; the passenger regrets not calling a supervisor and asking for the screener to be charged with a criminal offence

Forum thread describing assault by screener in new window

This thread describes how a screener deliberately and maliciously demanded a secondary search of a passenger for no good reason. It appears to be a retaliatory action for something that the screener thought had happened. This clearly demonstrates the state of fear that screeners induce and seem to like to induce in passengers.

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Women in particular object to pat-down body searches and are becoming more vociferous in their complaints. Many are unwilling to complain because they fear reprisals, that their complaint will be futile or that they will be placed on some kind of list that makes future travel difficult.

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A woman who did not want to be touched by airport screening staff lifted he blouse to show that there was nothing under it. The screener called police and tried to have the passenger charged with indecent exposure.

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This academic paper's abstract says ' . . . female flight attendants and passengers were disproportionately the victims of sexual assaults by airport screeners . . . '

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Women complain about innapropriate touching and fondling during airport security searches

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Article about the abuse of power by airport and other staff

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US security screeners can have you arrested and charged for ANYTHING, a good reason not to travel to or through the US

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