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bmibaby lost our baggage outward AND return flights

Monday, 05 January 2009 08:30

Is this a record? bmibaby the airline lost our baggage on both our outward flight from Cork to Manchester, and then lost it again on the return journey! Zero percent success in getting the bag and the passengers onto the same aircraft.

Oscar Wylde commented that to lose one parent was unfortunate, to lose both seemed like carelessness. Losing our baggage once can happen to anyone, but to lose it on both outward and inward flights looks like carelessness, sloppy procedures and a couldn't care less attitude towards customer service. bmibaby does not employ any staff at airports, instead they use service companies. You can not expect much from these people because their staff don't have a stake in the airline.

bmibaby likes to call itself the airline with tiny fares, that is misleading. It depends on what you count as the fare and how much you value things like getting your baggage.

The cornerstone of airline security policy is that passengers and baggage fly together. This does not seem to apply with bnibaby.

On our return flight bmibaby lost not only our baggage but also the baggage belonging to a young woman who had paid a huge amount in excess baggage charges.

bmibaby has a real problem with staff, or rather lack of staff. The airline does not employ any staff at airports, instead it uses companies like Servicair on a contract basis. These people are not employed by bmibaby so they have no stake in the business. When baggage goes missing it's not really their concern, they don't get paid to care.

Think hard BEFORE you book with bmibaby.


bmibaby seat allocations rip off

Sunday, 04 January 2009 10:09

bmibaby has recently changed their seat allocation procedure in an interesting way.

bmibaby now tries to force passengers to pay for seat allocations by splitting groups and couples.

bmibaby likes to call themselves the airline with the tiny fares; that may be true in some cases, but they certainly have the service to match and bmibaby has found new and innovative ways to charge passengers for everything and anything.

You used to be able to make your own seat allocation without charge when you checked in online. Not any longer. bmibaby now charges you to select a seat, so if there are two or more of you travelling together you will have to pay extra to sit together.

This is a recent change to the booking system and online checkin system and has been done before other changes that could have made life easier. For example every time you book you have to enter all your contact details because the system relies on internet browser cookies to recall details and most internet browsers delete cookies for security.

bmibaby make things very difficult if you want to complain. bmibaby does not employ any staff at airports, instead they use service companies whose staff can only perform a limited range of tasks and have no real stake in bmibaby.

bmibaby will only accept complaints in writing, but makes it difficult to find the address to which complaints must be sent. Their next tactic is to ignore written complaints. Most people find it difficult enough to write a letter, but when you get no response it's likely that most people will forget about the complaint and bmibaby will never do anything.


BMIBABY takes the mickey with in-flight exchange rates

Friday, 19 December 2008 14:33

When you are flying you don't have a lot of choice about where you buy your drinks. With government restrictions on taking liquids through security (see our article on this) flying is just unpleasant.

bmibaby is a so-called 'low cost' or 'budget' airline.

When that really means is that because bmibaby is charging you a low price for the actual fare, they think they have  the God-given responsibility to rip you off at every possible opportunity.

This starts before you even get on the airplane with a £7 credit card charge for booking, then contines with a £6 charge for checking, and goes further with a £12 charge if you dare to take a checked-in bag. That's a whopping £25 already. Add to that all the taxes etc and you are looking for a second mortgage for that so-called cheap flight.

bmibaby has now found a new way to charge passengers. They now wait for passengers who have checkin-in online to arrive at the departure gate and then make them put their baggage into a metal box to test it for size. If your bag doesn't fit then you get charged a whopping £20 extra, plus the charge for putting your bag into the hold plus any excess baggage charge.

In flight prices

bmibaby doesn't stop there, they rip you off in flight as well.


First they treat you like a 2 year old, suggesting that you might talk about tea and 'biccies', that really does sum up their attitude to passengers.

£2 for tea and biscuits, well I think that's expensive, but I think a lot of things are too dear. What really takes the biscuit (!) is the exchange rate, suggesting that a euro is worth only 68p. When are these people going to wake up to the fact that today a euro is worth 93p and rising.

The exchange rate for soft drinks is different, it values a euro at 75p, still well below the true value, but a little better.

bmibaby drinks

But if you want something as simple as tea or coffee your euro is worth only 60p. This is a total rip off!

bmibaby in flight restrictions

Finally bmibaby - that friendly organisation - points out that if you did bring your own drinks with you they don't want you drinking them on their aircraft. They only want you to drink something that they sell you.

Let's turn our attention to in flight snacks

bmibaby will charge you £1.20 (€2.00) for a 43g pack of Pringles that would cost you 54p in Tesco.

50g of Mini Cheddars will cost you 42p in Tesco, or £1.00 (€1.50) on a bmibaby flight.

Final thoughts

To sum it up we can do no better than quote bmibaby's own marketting slogan then add something . . .

'bmibaby the airline with tiny fares' . . . and service to match


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